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⇒ Advantages of the water jet cutting technology

Since water jet is a cold-cutting process and the cutting area is not exposed to thermal influences, warp-free cutting is guaranteed regardless of the consistency of the workpiece.
No contact pressure whatsoever is applied, which is why the surface of the workpiece is protected against damage at all times. Cutout patterns are only limited to the application scope of computer aided design (CAD). Cutting can start from any desired spot of the workpiece.
Due to the extreme concentration of the water jet, highest precision is achieved and material loss is minimized. By means of CAD, tool paths and cutting efficiency are optimized – which is of particular importance in view of escalating material costs.
Water jets cut an extremely wide range of materials, some of which are: titanium, plastic coated sheet metals, composites, stainless steel, wood, stone, copper, glass, plexiglass, carbon fiber, metal (e.g. aluminum, titanium, non-ferrous metals), ceramics, bullet-proof glass, plastics, stone (e.g. marble, granite), fibre-reinforced plastics like CRP or GRP, hard and flexible foam, compound and structural materials, insulation materials, gasket materials (e.g. rubber or fabric-based laminates), wood, paper, and cardboard.
No gasses or vapors are produced during the cutting process, which makes water jet cutting a clean and environmentally friendly technology.
Since no chamfering or deburring is required, the labor costs for further treatment are reduced significantly.

Maschine byjet_L

⇒ Machine specifications:

  • Machine: Bystronic Byjet L 2030
  • Operating range:
  • max. size of workpiece 2000mm x 3000mm
  • max. thickness of workpiece: 200mm
  • max. weight of workpiece 4,500kg
  • Machine tolerance according to VDI 3441 = +-0,05mm/m
  • Multiple precision = +- 0,025mm/m
  • Abrasive and pure water nozzles available
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